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Russian for travelling purposes

The course is aimed at preparing participants for functioning in a Russian-speaking environment during trips abroad (both tourist and on business). The course curriculum includes numerous lexical and conversation exercises, during which participants will have the opportunity to practice typical communication circumstances which can be encountered in Russian-speaking countries. The exercises will concern both oral and written communication. The course will also draw attention to the cultural differences which have influence on the nature of communication in Russian.

The total number of hours is  50 (25 hours per semester).
The course starts in October.

Exemplary topics:

•    formalities related to entering and staying in a Russian-speaking country
•    plane travelling. Airport services, lost luggage.
•    train travelling. Ordering and paying for tickets online
•    travelling around a city, giving directions
•    public transport
•    renting a car
•    sightseeing, buying souvenirs
•    grocery shopping
•    gastronomical services
•    booking accommodation and hotel services
•    visit at a doctor’s: illness symptoms, medicines, medical insurance
•    weather forecast. Names of months, telling the date and time
•    grammatical structures are taught in relation to their language functions

We offer the possibility to pay in installments.
Each participant will receive a free certificate of completing the course.