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Language Sections

English Language Team

In the age of vanishing frontiers, English has become a universal language that enables communication across cultural and geographical divisions. This is also reflected in the fact that the English section of the University Centre for Foreign Languages is our largest team, and its members include several sworn translators.
To address the growing needs and skills of our students, we offer specialist English courses in addition to general language classes at all levels (beginner to advanced). Our original programmes help students master business English, legal English, and other varieties of English used in such fields as chemistry or physics. Many of our staff specialise in teaching English for professional purposes, such as English for diplomacy or English for government. In addition, we offer a special programme for visually impaired and blind individuals.
All this is possible due to our team’s strong methodological background. In order to enhance our skills and improve our qualifications, we have worked for many years with academic institutions such as Keele University (Staffordshire, United Kingdom), Trinity College (University of Dublin, Ireland), University of Edinburgh, and Aarhus School of Business (Denmark), participating in numerous programmes and on-site meetings. Our staff have received various grants and participated in various academic programmes, conferences, training courses, and workshops. Since 2003, the University Centre for Foreign Languages has also offered preparatory courses for TELC and TOLES, language exams. We have licensed TELC examiners on our team; two of our teachers also serve as administrators for the Dominican University (Chicago) MBA programme, and conduct specialist examinations under the patronage of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Our team includes authors of many textbooks, learning aids, web pages, course books and other works, lectures, papers, and presentations. We also liaise closely with methodologists at such institutions as the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) Poland, the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language UK.

French, German Russian and Latin Language Team


We teach French at three different levels: A1, A2, and B1. Each group of students follows an original, tailor-made curriculum based on guidelines established by the Council of Europe and the latest methodological standards.
Our French teachers offer classes for intramural and extramural students of liberal arts, languages, and law. In each group (regardless of proficiency level), they introduce specialist vocabulary that enables students to consult professional literature. Our courses are also designed to prepare students to obtain TELC European Language Certificates and other certificates available on the market.
Our team includes TELC examiners and a sworn translator. They regularly take part in courses, training sessions, and internships organised by the French Embassy, and attend various lectures and conferences in order to improve their professional qualifications. Additionally, our French teachers offer consultations to BA/MA students, PhD students, and academic faculty.
Our French team have also been working with the European Commission since 2005 to gain regular access to up-to-date content pertaining to the functioning of the European Union.


Our team members teach German classes to intramural, extramural and part-time students of various fields. Available at proficiency levels of A1 through B2, our courses are designed to facilitate the practice of integrated skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing in a day-to-day communication setting. Our German teachers strive to ensure that the classes address a wide variety of scenarios relevant to everyday life, university life, and future professional life as well as the cultural aspects of German-speaking countries. The team includes sworn translators, TELC examiners, and Goethe Institute examiners. They work with our students to prepare them for various types of examinations, including specialist examinations; they also conduct PhD examinations. Our German teachers have written course books for students and contributed to various language textbooks. They also collaborate with language publishers. Our staff systematically improve their professional qualifications by attending training courses, linguistic seminars, and methodological conferences. They translate texts for the University and provide consultations to NCU faculty, PhD students, and BA/MA students. They also participate as judges in events that promote foreign language education.


Our Russian teachers have extensive professional experience with an average of 32 years of classroom work behind them. They offer classes for intramural and extramural students from various departments of the University under tailor-made programmes, which mainly involve continuation of language learning: seminars, text translation, improving communication skills, conducting business talks, impression management, analysing specialist texts, professional terminology, and phonetics. Our staff have written many specialist Russian course books for each of the Faculties, as well as other publications, dictionaries, papers, and reviews. They regularly participate in academic and methodological conferences, present papers, and translate various texts for the University, the city, and the region (to support delegations, conventions and conferences). Members of the team (including two sworn translators) are invited as experts to express opinions, write reviews, and participate as judges in events organised by the Ministry of Education and by various institutions at the municipal, provincial, and regional levels. Since Russian has been regaining popularity in recent years, we have created beginner-level groups at the request of our students, and the classes have attracted enormous interest. For a number of years, we have also organised summer trips to Russia to attend Russian language courses at the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute in Moscow. On completing the courses, students can take examinations and obtain certificates at various levels of proficiency.


We teach Latin to students of such fields as Polish, German, Protection of Cultural Heritage, Archival Studies, Theology, and History of Art. We also offer seminars on Latin legal terminology for intramural and extramural law students, and a non-compulsory lecture in Latin with elements of classical culture for students of Law, Administration, and European Studies. Courses are based on original curricula developed by our teachers. Furthermore, a small Polish-Latin dictionary has been compiled to accompany the course, containing phrases and expressions useful to students of History, Law, Languages, and Librarianship. Our Latin teachers also provide consultations to BA/MA students, PhD students and academic faculty, and collaborate with students’ academic societies at the University.