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Conversation course

The course is aimed at improving a spoken foreign language, which means perfecting the communication skills in various real-life situations, allowing for free communication and participating in conversations and discussions on general topics, as well as the ones related to academic and professional matters. The course curriculum includes numerous lexical and conversation exercises, during which participants will have the possibility to present themselves and their ideas, practice communication in various social contexts, and discover the cultural differences which influence the nature of communication in a foreign language.
The total number of hours is  30 (1 semester).
The course starts in October and in February.
Exemplary topics:
•    obtaining and providing information and directions
•    telephone conversations – making arrangements for meetings
•    giving directions
•    describing places, items, people and events
•    ex pressing opinions
•    giving advice
•    participation in a discussion

We offer the possibility to pay in installments.
Each participant will receive a free certificate of completing the course.