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2-month intensive English course for foreigners

B1 or B2 level

The courses are aimed aimed to prepare foreign students to use English while they study and to take language international certificate examinations. They also allow active day-to-day communication in an English-speaking environment and help to improve professional qualifications by acquiring new language competences. The course is meant to cater for all language skills: comprehensive listening, comprehensive reading, speaking, writing, and the grammar use.
Duration: 8 weeks
Number of hours: 200 (5 teaching hours a day, Monday to Friday)

Main topics (will include ) :
•    Personal information
•    House and its surroundings
•    Learning and studies
•    Free time
•    Work
•    Science and technology
•    Problems of contemporary world
•    Natural environment
•    Grammatical structures are taught in relation to language functions, depending on the group level and the characteristics of a given language