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1-semester business English course for foreigners

B2 level

The course is aimed at preparing participants for an international Business English exam, confirming the B2 level of English language competence. The course includes thorough presentation of exam requirements. Participation in the course will allow for developing all four language skills: reading, writing, listening with comprehension and speaking, as well as greatly improve the vocabulary. A participant will acquire the skill of justifying their opinion in a discussion, as well as learn to appropriately choose a style and register of speech according to situation.
Duration: 1 semester
Number of hours: 180 (4 teaching hours 3 times a week or 3 teaching hours 4 times a week)

Exemplary topics:
•    Organizations and their structure
•    Managing organizations
•    Production and logistics
•    Sales and marketing
•    Customer service
•    Financial markets
•    Outsourcing
•    Negotiations and business meetings
•    Travelling on business
•    Grammatical structures are taught in relation to language functions, depending on the group level and the characteristics of a given language

After completing the course participants receive a free certificate of completion.